My job brought me to Virginia, West Virginia and finally Maryland last week. Must say that I really like Virginia. Mile after mile on Interstate 81 / US-11 and always a stunning mountain view in both directions. I was ready to buy one of those houses located up on a hill, with blooming tree lined driveways in middle of the wide open fields. This is countryside when it's best! In West Virginia was Harpers Ferry a cute little town, actually just where Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland meet. Shepherdstown is also worth to mention, another cute little town. Catoctin - Just love to say that word. It sounds like an old Indian name. Catoctin State park is in Maryland and was a really nice park. A lot of Beech trees which I love. I also learned some about the American history and the Civil war. Antietam, Maryland was the place where south and north clashed in the bloodiest single day battle in American history. 23.000 casualties in only 12h.